Your Dedicated Buyer’s Agent

As we start to work together on your journey to buy your NextHome, there are some forms we will need to complete along the way. The real estate industry loves forms! These documents will provide me the ability to work on your behalf and in your best interest as your dedicated buyer’s agent. Below is an overview of some of the forms you may see coming your way soon.

  • Working with Real Estate Agents. I likely have already provided you with a copy of this brochure when we met or by email. This form explains the difference between a buyer’s agent, a listing agent, and dual agent. I will be your buyer’s agent. The listing agent works for the seller. A dual agent works as a neutral facilitator with limited ability to fully advise either side or share any information that benefits one party over the other. While it is allowed in NC, I typically do not work as a dual agent.
  • Buyer Agency Agreement. This form is a contract between you and my firm that details out my duties and obligations to you as your designated buyer’s agent and also asks for your commitment to work solely with me as your agent. This form will establish the compensation that my firm receives for my services, which is typically paid by the seller at a pre-negotiated rate, as well as provide some general information about the home buying process.
  • Other Forms. You may be asked to sign or initial some additional forms for acknowledgement of receipt. These could include a summary of the fair housing act stating that I, nor my firm, will engage in discriminatory behavior, a flyer about the prevalence of wire fraud in real estate transactions, a brochure with Q&A about home inspections, or different sample forms such as a sample offer to purchase and contract.

We will typically send all of these documents through an online electronic signature program called DocuSign. If you are new to electronic signature software, we can also send you a tutorial video on how to use the software. Once completed, you will receive a copy of everything.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. You can call or text anytime at 919-949-8850, or email at